Today’s environment requires that companies rely on their Board Members to be active, dynamic, and diverse leaders, capable of leading innovative and collaborative solutions to complex challenges.

With the increased investments and private companies filing IPO’s at an accelerated pace, the exciting wave of entrepreneurial startups entering the marketplace, and corporate governance oversight responsibilities, the demand for independent Board Members and Board Advisors has dramatically increased, resulting in a fiercely competitive marketplace.

It’s easy for companies in search of new Board Members to look at their own close network of contacts. This approach can limit the composition, diversity, reach, and independence that your executive Board requires. Fundamentally, there is a level of market confidence associated with a company known to have good corporate governance. The presence of an active group of independent directors on your Board contributes a great deal toward ensuring market confidence.

When’s it’s time to think and reach outside your network, Domann’s ability to strategically position and present your Board role to our network provides immediate exposure and access to the talent most in demand. Our proven approach results in your securing the Board leadership your company requires to excel in today’s complicated business environment. We connect you to leaders with a steady and seasoned hand to take you to the next level.