Founded in San Francisco, 1988, The Domann Organization is pleased to announce that we are entering our 35th year in the Life Sciences retained search business. Domann’s client base is primarily Venture backed Seed, Series A & B start-ups and smaller public Life Science clients who Domann worked with when pre-IPO.

Over the past 24 months we successfully completed key searches for the following private companies:

MBX Biosciences, (Independent Board Member, Chief Medical Officer, Global Vice President Regulatory)

Medikine, (President/Chief Medical Officer/Board Member)

Lengo Therapeutics, (Chief Medical Officer)

Estrigenix Therapeutics, (Executive Chair)

OnLume Surgical, (Chief Executive Officer)

ShouTi, (Senior Vice President, Biology)

Sardocor/Medera Bio (Vice President, Quality Operations, Vice President, Technical Operations)

Recent IPO public companies:

Inozyme Pharma (Senior Vice President, Technical Operations, Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer)

Oncolytics Biotech, (Chief Medical Officer, Executive Director, Clinical Operations, 

Executive Director, Translational Sciences, Medical Director, Clinical Development-Oncology)

Why Domann stands apart: Value creation for client, candidate, and investor. Name recognition, experience, knowledge of the Life Sciences community. Transparency, track record, network and trust.

It has been an active 24 months and we are looking forward to continuing building winning Life Science companies which make a major impact on people’s lives.

When considering search…consider Domann, Life Science leadership.

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