A Milwaukee pharmaceutical company called Estrigenix Therapeutics is getting a $300,000 federal research grant to test a potential new therapy for women with menopause.

The company yesterday announced it’s getting a one-year grant through the National Institutes of Health Small Business Innovation Research program. The funding will be used for pre-clinical studies of a drug that aims to reduce the negative symptoms of menopause while lowering the risk for dementia later in life.

According to a release from the business, when women experience declining estrogen production as they age, menopausal symptoms such as anxiety, depression, memory problems, sleep disruption and hot flashes can occur.

While existing hormone replacement therapies can help address these symptoms, Estrigenix says they can also lead to higher risk for breast cancer and strokes due to blood clots. The company is developing therapies that target specific estrogen receptors in the body in hopes of creating a “safer alternative” to traditional HRT.

Prior research conducted by Estrigenix has also shown reducing hot flashes can also lower the risk of developing dementia later on, per the release.

CEO and co-founder William Donaldson says the NIH funding represents “an important milestone” in the company’s drug development process.

“It’s exciting to see our research acknowledged and validated by such a renowned national organization that is committed to our efforts in helping women as they age,” he said in the release.

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See the release: https://www.wisbusiness.com/2022/estrigenix-therapeutics-awarded-300000-grant-from-the-national-institutes-of-health